2019 New Rockford Canal Hay Auction

Posted: Apr 04 2019
JUNE 11, 2019 - 3 P.M. CENTRAL TIME

at the
GDCD Operation and Maintenance Office
205 3rd Street SE, New Rockford, ND

These parcels of land are being hayed to remove litter, stimulate new grass growth and assist with Garrison Diversion Conservancy District’s (Garrison Diversion) weed control program. The intent is to include these parcels into a haying rotation where each parcel is hayed for two successive seasons and rested for two. An annual public auction will be held through a competitive bidding process. The highest bidder for each tract will be issued a one-year Mow Permit for the current year.

There are 5 individual parcels to be bid and hayed separately. There are approximately 206 total acres total being offered for bid. Minimum field size is 30 acres, and the maximum field size is 60 acres.

If you have any questions on field boundaries, access to fields or removal of bales, please call the New Rockford office between 7am and 5pm at 947-2001(office) or 302-0058 (cell).

For more information, including specs and and maps, please see below:

2019 New Rockford Hay Specs, Table & Map